Enterprise IPTV Solutions

Stream live and pre-recorded video over your IP network directly onto your digital signage.

Our cloud based digital signage software provides unrivaled flexibility when it comes to managing IPTV networks. Regardless of your current or planned infrastructure, our IPTV platform can fit both RF and IP based TV channels. Our solution is hardware agnostic and supports true IPTV content across multiple platforms.

Our IPTV toolset is cost effective and lets you quickly stream broadcast quality content to your audience over your existing network.

Our software allows you to remotely manage content and *encoder settings from anywhere. With our applications tool you can offer full access to live TV or video on demand content to any users on your network.

*(if using the EngagePHD HD441 Encoder)

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IPTV Key Features

Live Streaming

One single IPTV encoder can deliver a live stream to any number of screens on a single local area network.

Multimedia Integration

Easy to integrate dynamic video, motion graphics, stunning imagery, and social media integration into existing digital signage at any time.

Picture in Picture

Fit your broadcast on your existing digital screen (picture-in-picture) so your customers don’t have to miss a thing.

Cloud Based Management

When using the EngagePHD HD441 Encoder you can now manage settings on the cloud outside the network. 

Need an IPTV Encoder?

Introducing the EngagePHD Encoder

The EngagePHD™ HD441 H.264 Encoder transforms live video sources into full-screen (or L-Bar), full resolution, Internet Protocol Digital Video, compatible with multicast, webcast and video-on-demand protocols. This high quality H.264 video encoder is suitable for all applications requiring cost-effective, low bit rate, exceptionally low latency, HD or SD video distribution over IP networks.

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We’ve design custom IPTV Solutions 

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Since 2007, Ping HD has been designing and deploying custom digital signage IPTV solutions.