Digital Signage in Education

Transform the student experience at your school, university or college with digital signage.

Digital signage in the educational environment allows school administrators to quickly and strategically communicate important messaging to their student body. Digital displays allow you to easily push social media feeds, lunch menus, daily announcements or emergency alerts to students and staff.

Save time and money by eliminating the need to print and post disposable flyers around the school. Create your content in advance and schedule each message to appear on specific screens across campus at specific times.

Rolling out a multiple screen digital signage system across your school or college campus doesn’t have to be difficult. Our user friendly digital signage solutions allows school staff members to create and deploy content in real time.

Take your school district or college campus to the next level with our education specific signage solutions.

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How schools are using digital signage

Digital Reader Boards

Digital reader boards can be designed to display multiple types of content informative content on a single display. 

Digital Menu Boards

Display your schools lunch menu in real time with digital menus. Schedule changes to update automatically. 

Video Walls

Create an experience that your students and staff wont forget. Video walls make a lasting and memorable impression.

Touch Screens

Build interactive directories to highlight upcoming classes or schedules.

Emergency Alerts

Take over any or all screens on your campus to quickly display urgent emergency alerts to your staff and student body. 

Upcoming Events

Quickly display upcoming events in any type of format. Events can be manually entered or fed from a third party event booking platform.

Education Photo Gallery

We love working with schools, colleges and universities. Check out some of our digital signage for schools below. 

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