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Point guests in the right direction automatically
with digital wayfinding

Build, manage and deploy digital wayfinding from one powerful cloud-based platform.

Our digital wayfinding platform allows you to control every aspect of your digital signage wayfinding from one place.

Attractive digital wayfinding that your guests wont miss.

Streamline the navigation process in your facility with powerful and engaging digital wayfinding solutions. 

Who Uses Ping HD For Their Digital Wayfinding?

Pepsi Center - IPTV
Aramark Digital Signage


What is digital wayfinding?

Digital wayfinding allows facilities to improve visitor experience by offering real-time visual maps and directions via a connected digital signage screen. 


Welcome visitors with personalized messages tailored toward any occasion, season, or special event.

Guide guests with maps, directions, paths and directories throughout your facility. 

Generate revenue on your wayfinding screens with our targeted advertising toolset. 

Deliver important, timely and highly visible announcements to visitors and guests.

Build an interactive wayfinding solution that allows your guests to navigate your facility virtually. 

Digital wayfinding can help save you time and money by empowering your guests and freeing up site staff.


For the last decade, we’ve worked closely with property managers of all types to develop a simple, powerful, and scalable digital wayfinding solution.