Digital Wayfinding

Point guests in the right direction with digital wayfinding

We’ve all spent time around large way finding displays at shopping malls. As consumers, we’ve been trained to rely on them to help navigate through large facilities.

With the evolution of digital signage systems, digital way finding has naturally become the perfect solution to help improve way finding challenges for multipirpose buldings and venues. Digital way finding allows you to improve the visitor experience by offering interactive 3D maps and turn by turn directions on your digital way finding system.

Our web based content management system lets you utilize static displays or interactive way finding kiosks to create a custom wayfinding signage experience. Our solutions can save your business time and money by enabling your guests and freeing up site staff.

Our cloud based digital signage software will help improve the experience of how your staff manages content. Our wayfinding software lets you quickly update the content on your digital signs in real time.

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Key Digital Wayfinding Features

Say Hello

Welcome visitors with personalized messages tailored for every occasion, season, or special event.

Show the Way

Guide guests with maps, directions, paths and directories within your facility or complex.


Generate revenue with targeted advertising that can be updated in real time

Stay Connected

Deliver important, timely and highly visible announcements to visitors and guests of your property.

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Since 2007, Ping HD has been designing custom digital wayfinding solutions.