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Make a defining statement in any space with
digital video walls

Build, manage and deploy digital video walls from one cloud-based platform.

Our digital video wall platform allows you to control every aspect of your digital signage workflow from one place.

Turn any space into a work of art with digital video walls

Our digital video wall solutions allow you to display digital content of any type of video wall configuration.  From artistic to traditional formats, video walls will help you make a statement that your visitors won’t forget. 

Who Uses Ping HD For Their Digital Video Walls?

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What are digital video walls?

Digital video walls are a great way to transform a large, blank area into an engaging digital space. Using a format of tiled displays, Video walls allow you to display multiple types of content that will capture the attention of your audience. 

The high resolution LCD displays or LED’s that make up our video wall solutions, are specifically designed to demand the attention of your visitors. We design and build custom video wall solutions that meet the project requirements of any space. 

We can design and build custom video wall configurations that meet the specific requirements of your project specs. 

Our powerful digital signage CMS allows you to display any type of digital content. (HTML5, Video, Animation, etc.) 

From artistic to traditional, video walls are designed to capture attention. Make an impression and communicate your message loudly with our custom video walls. 

Whether you plan to use large LED panels or multiple LCD displays, Our video wall solutions are designed to fit any budget and space. 

Video walls can instantly convert any space
into a real-time digital experience.

Digital Signage Video Wall Gallery

For the last decade, we’ve worked closely with architects and building managers to develop a simple, scalable, and cloud-based video wall solution.