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IPTV for stadiums and arenas

Stream live or pre-recorded video over your digital signage network with IPTV

Capture, Manage and Deploy IPTV content to any screen.

Our cloud-based platform allows you to control every aspect of your digital signage IPTV workflow from one place.

Enterprise IPTV
IPTV Streaming on Digital Signage

Stream broadcast quality content over your digital signage network

A hardware agnostic solution that supports true IPTV (UDP multicast streams) content across multiple platforms. 

Who Uses IPTV by Ping HD?

Enterprise Center - IPTV
Pepsi Center - IPTV


Stream content via IPTV at your stadium, arena, or venue.

Our cloud based digital signage IPTV solution provides unrivaled flexibility when it comes to managing IPTV content on your digital signage screens. Regardless of your current or planned infrastructure, our IPTV platform can fit both RF and IP based TV channels. 

Reduce the overall cost and potential for failure with our system on a chip digital signage IPTV solutions. 

Run unique IPTV content on every screen in your network or the same content on all screens or groups of screens. 

Setup and swap between team and event-based themes within seconds.  (i.e. NBA, NHL, Concerts) 

Build your IPTV feeds into L-Bar style accessible channels. Perfect for the suite environment, each channel can be controlled by fans from any mobile device.

Trigger an unlimited number of interrupt based content such as ‘touch down’, home run, last call, emergency notifications, and more. 

Turn all your displays on/off from your mobile device on demand. 

With social media widgets, you can quickly display your social media content directly beside your IPTV content. 

Our comprehensive network monitoring and email alert tools notify you of any potential network issues as they happen.


An IPTV Encoder that you can manage from anywhere

The EngagePHD™ HD441 H.264 Encoder transforms live video sources into full-screen (or L-Bar), full resolution, Internet Protocol Digital Video, compatible with multicast, webcast and video-on-demand protocols. This high quality H.264 video encoder is suitable for all applications requiring cost-effective, low bit rate, exceptionally low latency, HD or SD video distribution over IP networks.

Enterprise IPTV Gallery

For the last decade, Ping HD has worked closely with the sports and entertainment industry to develop a powerful enterprise IPTV solution.