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Improve guest communication with
digital reader boards

Give your guests instant access to live relevant content when it matters most.

Digital reader boards simplify how you communicate to your guests. Transform any space into an informative and accessible digital knowledge center. 

Build, manage and deploy digital reader boards from one cloud-based platform.

Control every aspect of your digital readerboard workflow from one place.

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Who Uses Ping HD For Their Digital Reader Boards?

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Use Cases

What are digital reader boards?

Digital reader boards or digital message boards give you the flexibility to communicate a wide variety of messaging exactly how and when you want. Reader boards come in many different shapes and sizes. Their main purpose always serves to inform and educate an audience with real-time content via a digital signage screen.

Display real-time room availability and event information directly outside the conference meeting room. 

With premium widgets, you can instantly  display live arrival and departure flight data directly onto your digital reader boards.

Our built in advertising tools allow you to quickly turn any digital signage screen into a powerful advertising tool.  Setup, manage, and report on any of your ad campaigns directly within your dashboard. 

Display a list of upcoming events from any source directly to any of your digital signage screens. 

Increase the views of your social media posts. With free widgets, you can instantly display your social media content onto any digital signage display. 

Give your guests access to live and relevant content when it matters most. With free widgets, you can instantly display news, weather, and stock updates in real time. 

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Display live data from your source to any digital reader board

We’ve partnered with many popular platforms to automatically push live content from these providers to your digital reader boards.

Instagram Digital Signage
Twitter Digital Signage
NJ Transit Digital Signage
Singlewire Digital Signage Reader board Integration
Ticketmaster Digital Signage

Digital Message Board Gallery

For the last decade, we’ve worked closely with the hospitality and service industry to develop a simple, powerful, and scalable digital reader board solution.