Digital Reader Boards

Improve the way you communicate to your guests with digital reader boards.

Our digital reader board solutions offer a way to display dynamic content to customers, visitors, and employees.

Digital Reader boards give you the flexibility to communicate your message exactly how and when you want. Reader boards come in many different shapes and sizes. Their main purpose always serves to educate your audience with relevant and real time content

Our cloud-based reader board software is powerful and flexible. It allows you to quickly design and format your boards however you’d like. From advertising displays to information boards, readerboards will instantly help improve how you communicate to your audience.


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Key Digital Reader Board Features

Digital Signage Advertising

Our advertising solutions allow you to manage on screen advertising. Our built in tools let you track key metrics.

Events Database

Display realtime information for events. To simply things, we integrate with many event booking platforms. 

Meeting Room Signage

Display room availability and current events in real time directly outside the conference room. 

Touch screen

Touch screen and non-touch screen options available based on your overall needs and goals.

Video Streaming

Stream a video source (TV, live camera, etc.) directly onto your digital display.

Automatic Scheduling

Automatic scheduling allows you to designate when your screens should be live, and when they should be turned off.

Digital Reader Board Photo Gallery

We love designing and building digital reader board solutions for all types of environments. Check out some of our latest reader board projects below.

Why use Ping HD for your Digital Signage Needs?

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Hardware Agnostic

Our software solutions are designed to work with most media players and displays.


Access and edit your digital reader boards anytime, anywhere with our easy-to-use web-based interface.


Since 2007, Ping HD has been designing custom reader board digital signage solutions.