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digital menus

Increase sales by up to 28% with digital menu boards

Digital signage menus built with you in mind.

Restaurant menu boards help simplify menu management, reduce perceived wait times and increase overall sales.

Digital Menu Boards
digital menu boards for restaurants

Powerful and simple digital menu board system

With Ping HD, you can control every aspect of your digital menus from one cloud-based digital menu board solution. Our digital signage software makes updating menu items across all your applications simple. 

Who Uses Ping HD For Their Digital Menu Boards?

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Benefits of Digital Menu Boards in the fast-casual restaurant environment

The presence of digital displays can immediately transform how your customers understand your menu. With digital signage, the capabilities are truly endless. Electronic menu boards make it easy to manage nutritional information, update pricing and market new promotions. 

Our custom fast food digital menu boards make it easy to design a patron experience that will fit your restaurant’s needs. 

Reduce order errors by allowing patrons to review their menu items on a digital display as they’re entered into your point of sale solution. 

Keep waiting customers updated on the status of their order by displaying a real-time order queue on a digital signage display. 

Menu board systems make it easy to experiment with your menu. If something isn’t working, It can easily be changed with our digital signage software.
Digital menu boards help restaurant owners minimize perceived wait times by engaging visitors from the moment they arrive.
Digital Menu boards help encourage impulse buys by calling out special offers and featured food items with engaging digital content.

Schedule your digital menu boards to transition automatically between food offerings at any time of day.

Save money by pushing menu changes instantly vs. the need to reprint each time a menu change is needed.

Reinforce brand identity with custom social media feeds, eye catching animations and more.
digital menu board software


Import menu changes from your point of sale system to your digital menus automatically.

Point of sale integration makes managing your digital menu boards easy. Simplify your menu workflow by connecting your point of sale solution directly to your Ping HD digital menu boards.

Menu management, simplified.

Learn how Ping HD makes it easy to design, build and manage digital menu boards for restaurants.

Digital Menu Gallery

For the last decade, we’ve worked closely with the food industry to develop simple, powerful, and scalable digital menu boards.