Enterprise Center Digital Signage

Applications Used

In the heart of downtown St. Louis sits Enterprise Center, an 18,000-seat multi-use arena that attracts over a million visitors a year. Since it’s opening in 1994, the arena has hosted thousands of events including the many NHL hockey games hosted by the St Louis Blues. 

After years of use, the arena had largely remained untouched. In 2016 the St. Louis Blues developed a strategic plan to enhance the overall experience to that of other modern arenas. 

The plan included a significant focus on technology and connectivity. This helped build the solid foundation needed for the modern arena they were after.

To start, the use of digital signage in key spaces was critical. The strategic placement of displays around the arena would give staff the flexibility they needed to build custom digital experiences for any event. 

Because the facility hosts many different types of events, a versatile solution was needed. Enterprise Center chose EngagePHD by Ping HD to power the digital signage solutions within the arena. This complete toolset allows administrators to build, manage, and deploy any type of digital signage application from one cloud-based solution.

Staff and Player Experience

To ensure that the experience of all stakeholders was improved,  multiple Samsung SoC displays were installed throughout the executive offices, including a 3×2 video wall.  EngagePHD is used to control and manage IPTV sponsorship content in this environment. Including, 48 Channels of UDP content and truck/game feeds that are broadcast over the VLAN.  They are also utilizing a standard feature that allows staff to control which channel to watch using a basic IR remote. 

In addition, where large non-Soc screes are used, Content is driven via a BrightSign XT1143 player. On these displays, a control API is used to control TV content.

Fan Experience 

The dining experience in the concourse also received a major upgrade.  Each concession stand has been equipped with engaging digital menu boards. Because each display is powered by EngagedPHD, the concessionaire has the ability to change content and prices quickly. 

Large LED blades were installed above bars to run synchronized stock, AP News, and advertising content.

All displays in club areas and bars were designed to have the same level of control as the Admin Office areas, so content can be controlled by IR Remote or via the Crestron Control System via our API.

All displays within the arena were designed to receive instant interrupt content from the game control room. This allows staff to quickly push emergency notifications, sponsorship content or fanfare to any or all screens within the facility instantly.