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How Square Can Simplify Your Digital Signage Workflow.

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We’ve all seen those little white kiosks at our favorite local coffee shop. The barista punches in our order then swivel’s it around to collect a signature. The inability to make a simple purchase drove the design of a product that would simplify the money transfer landscape forever. Today, over 30 million businesses use Square to facilitate their credit card payments, track customers, and manage their products.

From its roots as a simple mobile payment application to the full line of customer business tools they offer today, there is no question that Square has made a significant impact on how we manage and grow our businesses.

Money Transfer to Point-of-Sale

As devices became more capable, Square expanded to a complete point-of-sale solution. This addition allowed users to manage every detail of their products and services directly within the application. Tracking sales and products in one place creates a single source of truth, which eliminates the potential for error by reducing the need to manage the same data in more than one place.

Point of Sale to Digital Signage

Traditionally, static menus were designed and printed to help highlight services and products. However, This method requires you to reprint when changes are needed, which can be both costly and time-consuming.

On the other hand, a digital solution allows quick-service establishments the flexibility they need to make pricing and product changes in real-time.

The use of digital signage in the quick-service industry is increasing as managers and owners begin to understand its many benefits. From reducing wait times to an increase in sales, digital signage is a powerful tool that has proven to adapt to any situation in real-time.

Ping HD has partnered with Square to develop a quick and simple integration between the Square point of sale platform and our EngagePHD digital signage platform.

The integration between the two makes it easy to design, manage, and deploy digital signage in real-time. Since the management of products already takes place within Square, any updates made will automatically push to your EngagePHD powered digital signage solution.

The integration between Square and EngagePHD simplifies the digital signage workflow by reducing the number of steps it takes to complete these mundane tasks. From prices to calories, making changes to your product lineup has never been easier than it is now.