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EngagePHD + Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) make managing display settings a breeze

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As integrators, we know that managing any digital signage network can have its fair set of challenges. Although cloud-based technology has made supporting screens much more convenient, some of the technical issues that arise are beyond the capabilities of a typical cloud-based content management platform.

When the issue derives at the hardware level, it usually requires onsite support to correct the problem. Because it’s not uncommon for digital signage networks to have multiple displays across different regions, onsite support is not always possible.

EngagePHD, the all-in-one digital signage platform by Ping HD, was designed to simplify the digital signage workflow. From one CMS platform, you can build layouts, manage players, and schedule content.

The players’ module within the cloud-based EngagePHD software can already manage and monitor many of the screens’ basic features. However, there are occasions when the need to access the on-screen settings with a physical remote is essential.

To address this issue, the team at Samsung developed a remote management platform. This platform allows network administrators the ability to troubleshoot and change display settings such as power, volume, input source, and more as is if they were directly in front of the screen in person.

To make managing these displays within EngagePHD more efficient, Ping HD has integrated the Samsung remote platform directly into our software. For a nominal fee, Samsung SSP users can now access any of their on-screen settings directly within their EngagePHD dashboard. The technology can also be used to see what content is playing on any display in real-time.

As one of the first digital signage content management systems to integrate with the platform, EngagePHD now gives network admins a complete lineup of tools to design, build, manage and support their Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) displays.

Learn more about how Samsung Remote Management works with the EngagePHD Platform.

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