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Create an emerging experience that draws in customers with retail digital signage

Digital signage experiences are transforming how consumers shop in retail stores. With the rise and popularity of online shopping, brick and mortar stores have experienced a decrease in foot traffic and sales. Just opening the door to a retail store isn’t enough anymore. Store owners must do more to create an in-store experience that will both draw customers and retain them.

The focus on creating a more memorable retail shopping experience is becoming critical to stay in business. To fill this gap, digital signage in retail has become a must have. It’s impossible to walk into a shopping mall today without spotting one. Thousands of screens are competing for our attention everyday. How do we create a digital signage experience that our customers won’t forget?

We’ve been working with store owners to implement retail digital signage strategies since 2007. We work with you and your team to understand your retail environment and how digital signage will fit into your physical retail space.

Who uses Ping HD digital signage in retail?

Retail Digital Signage
UC Health Digital Signage
Jefferson Healthcare Digital Signage
Puma - Retail Digital Signage

Use Cases

How retail stores are using digital signage

Our fully customizable end-to-end solutions help you build a digital signage experience that fits perfectly with your retail brand and communication strategy.  

Display targeted advertising to your customers as they shop your retail store.
Engage users with a captivating interactive shopping experience.
Let customers learn more about products with interactive digital signage
Use a digital video wall to attract customers into your retail store.

Retail Digital Signage Gallery

For the last decade, we’ve worked closely with the retail industry to develop a simple, powerful, and scalable digital signage solution that has transformed how they communicate with customers.