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Transform the guest experience with digital signage in your hotel

Our hospitality digital signage solutions have been designed to help hotels solve many common communication challenges. Empower guests to quickly locate the information there looking for and reduce overall guest wait times at the concierge.

Hotel managers work hard to ensure that guests are comfortable while staying in their hotels. From the moment they arrive at the front desk, guests have grown to expect world class service. Since many are only passing through, they rely on hotel staff to educate them on things going on within the hotel as well as local happenings.

Displays are typically installed near the elevator, meeting rooms, hotel lobbies or convention center gathering places. Digital signage content on these information displays can vary and feature upcoming events, current weather conditions or upcoming flight times.

Who uses Ping HD for their hospitality digital signage?

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Use Cases

How the hotel and hospitality industry is using Digital Signage

Our fully customizable end-to-end solutions let you build an experience that fits perfectly with your hotel brand and onsite communication strategy.  

Take control of the menu at your hotel and automatically push changes to your menus without the need to reprint.

Place a touch display in your hotel lobby and give guests the freedom to explore local events, attractions and dining options. 

Create a memorable experience in your hotel lobby with an engaging digital video wall.
Display room availability and current meeting details outside each meeting room.
Help hotel guests get where they need to go quickly with digital way finding.

Educate hotel guests about local happenings, upcoming flight times and events. 

Hospitality Digital Signage Gallery

For the last decade, we’ve worked closely with hotels in the hospitality industry to develop a simple, powerful, and scalable digital signage solution that has transformed how they communicate with guests.