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Improve patient communication in your medical office with our powerful healthcare digital signage tools. The addition of digital screens in the healthcare industry has proven to increase patient and visitor satisfaction ten-fold. In this technological age, visitors and patients expect digital signs to help educate and navigate themselves through healthcare facilities.

Our digital signage software for healthcare facilities was designed to make it easy for hospitals to quickly implement any type of onsite communication strategy.

The web-based management tools by Ping HD help healthcare facilities build any type of digital signage application. From hospital wayfinding to interactive touch displays, our digital signage software for hospitals is cloud-based and any digital screen can be managed and updated from anywhere.

Doctor and employee communication can also be simplified with the addition of employee-facing digital signage within each break room.

Who uses Ping HD for Healthcare Digital Signage

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UC Health Digital Signage
Catalyst Health Tech Digital Signage
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Jefferson Healthcare Digital Signage
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Boulder Community Health Digital Signage


How hospitals, clinics, and medical offices are using digital screens

Our custom medical center digital signage solutions let you build a digital experience that fits perfectly with your onsite patient communication strategy.

Digital menus can quickly improve the food ordering experience in your hospital cafe.
Provide an interactive directory for patients and visitors to quickly learn about the services at your hospital, clinic, or medical center.
Digital video walls can be used to create a memorable and lasting impression in any room.
Build a digital donor wall to highlight individuals who have contributed to the success of your healthcare facility.
Improve wayfinding in your facility with powerful digital wayfinding solutions. Offer patients turn-by-turn directions through your facility with our wayfinding apps.
Digital waiting room displays help reduce perceived wait-times while patients wait for their scheduled appointment. Show social media feeds or educational content in real-time.

Medical Office Digital Signage Gallery​

For the last decade, we’ve worked closely with the healthcare industry to develop a simple, powerful, and scalable digital signage solution.