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Improve the patient experience with healthcare digital signage at your hospital or clinic.

Healthcare Digital Signage can instantly improve the communication strategy in any healthcare environment. Hospital and clinic administrators work hard to ensure they design healthcare spaces that are comfortable and inviting for guests. Digital signage now plays a vital role in healthcare communication and can quickly transform the patient experience within your healthcare facilities.

Digital signage can help solve many challenges that healthcare professionals face every day. Healthcare-related content can educate patients and visitors in the waiting room while also reducing perceived wait times.

Employee communication and training can be simplified with the addition of employee-facing digital signage in each break room.

Who uses Ping HD for healthcare digital signage?

UC Health Digital Signage
Catalyst Health Tech Digital Signage
Jefferson Healthcare Digital Signage
Boulder Community Health Digital Signage

Use Cases

How hospitals and clinics are using healthcare digital signage

Our fully customizable end-to-end solutions let you build an experience that fits perfectly with your hotel brand and onsite communication strategy.  

Digital menus can quickly improve the food ordering experience in your hospital cafeteria.
Provide an interactive directory for patients and visitors to quickly learn about your hospital or clinic.
Digital video walls can be used to create a memorable and lasting impression in any room.
Build a digital donor wall to highlight individuals who have contributed to your great cause.
Interactive wayfinding can help patients and staff quickly get around your facility.
Reader boards can help reduce perceived wait-times by educating patients while they wait.

Healthcare Digital Signage Gallery

For the last decade, we’ve worked closely with hotels in the hospitality industry to develop a simple, powerful, and scalable digital signage solution that has transformed how they communicate with guests.