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The All-In-One Digital Signage Solution for your Dispensary

Our state of the art cannabis digital signage solutions give marijuana dispensaries the tools they need to strategically communicate marketing messages. Digital signage is a powerful tool that can help you easily transform the overall experience in your dispensary. Our cannabis digital Signage solutions help you inform, educate and keep your customers coming back.

Our easy-to-use cloud-based platform allows you to manage your displays from anywhere, anytime. Managing your digital signage content has never been easier. Whether you manage one retail dispensary or 100, our solutions puts you in complete control of your digital messaging.

Who Uses Ping HD for their Dispensary Digital Signage?


Use Cases

How cannabis dispensaries are using Digital Signage

Our fully customizable end-to-end solutions let you build an experience that fits perfectly with your dispensary brand and communication needs.  

With playlists, you can promote, educate and inform your customer about upcoming sales, products and more.
Since we seamlessly integrate with most point of sale systems. Managing products has never been easier.

Digital Menu boards help encourage impulse buys by calling out special offers and featured items with engaging video and animations.

You invest a lot to ensure your brand is on point. Use digital signage as another channel to ensure your brand is memorable.
Make the most of your social media presence. Our built in widgets make it easy to integrate live social feeds into your dispensary.
Digital signage is not just for customers. Day part your messages for training or announcements when the dispensary is closed.


Import content directly from your cannabis point of sale system.

Point of sale integration makes managing your cannabis digital signage easy. Simplify your digital workflow by linking your existing point of sale solution directly to our digital signage software.

Treez Digital Signage
I Love Jane Digital Signage Integration
ThSuite Digital Signage Integration
LeafLogix Digital Signage Integration
Greenbits Digital Signage Integration
Flowhub Digital Signage Integration
Cova Digital Signage Integration

Cannabis Digital Signage Gallery

For the last decade, we’ve worked closely with dispensary owners and to develop a simple, powerful, and scalable digital signage solution that has transformed how they communicate with their customers.


Photos courtesy of Onward Content