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Meet EngagePHD

Digital Signage Software
designed for the modern business


Build custom digital signage slideshows using any type of digital media asset.

Manage and organize playlist content

The asset library is where you upload and organize images and videos that can be used in your playlists or layouts.

Drag and drop content to your playlist timeline

To build a playlist, simply drag the desired content from your asset library to your playlist timeline. 

Customize the settings for each playlist slide

Manage the settings of each slide in your playlist with customizable schedule settings. 

Put your playlists to work

Playlists can be scheduled to play directly to any player without the need of a layout. 

Playlists can be positioned anywhere as an individual layer within any layout. 

Playlists can be used to display and track proof of play advertising impressions. 

Frequently Asked Questions