SEAT 2016 Panel Discussion Highlights

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This year at SEAT 2016 we were joined by our client, the Denver Broncos, and our partner, Samsung Business Solutions, for a panel discussion around our digital signage network installation at Mile High Stadium.

The panel discussion focused on the two phases of digital menu board installations.

Phase 1

Russ Trainor, of the Denver Broncos, spoke about their decision to partner with Ping HD and implement the EngagePHD™ platform, instead of going with the broadcast system that was being placed through the rest of the stadium. Essentially it came down to the functionality, scalability, flexibility and the 24/7 support behind Ping HD’s platform. The Broncos needed a solution that could integrate their digital signage network with their existing technology and have the platform be flexible enough to grow as the network expanded and new technologies became available.

Ping HD’s in-house content design team was another deciding factor for Russ and Concessionaire at Mile High Stadium. With Ping HD’s network packages, clients have the ability to maximize their ROI and increase fan engagement by leveraging this team. Not only did this service save the Broncos the cost of hiring graphic designers, the Ping HD design team are experts in creating dynamic media for the EngagePHD™ platform; thus increasing consumer engagement.

Phase 2

The Denver Broncos first phase installation included digital displays that connected to media players. In phase 2, however, media player became a thing of the past.

The latest installation of digital menu boards at Mile High Stadium took advantage of Samsung’s new System on a Chip (SoC) technology. Jeff Gray, of Samsung Business Solutions, spoke about this new technology and it’s application at Mile High Stadium.

The SoC technology is embedded into the digital displays. When the displays are installed with the EngagePHD™ platform, the need for media players is eliminated. There is no additional hardware necessary to connect to the digital signage network.

Why is this important?

Media players, while necessary in the past, were common points of failure. Eliminating that piece of the puzzle ensures that the Broncos’ network is up and running with minimal down time and fewer failure points.

“The combination of EngagePHD™ and the Samsung SSP displays has drastically cut down on the number of support tickets.”
– Kevin Goldsmith, Chief Technology Officer at Ping HD

Greg Lewis, Managing Director and Partner at Ping HD, spoke about the importance of having a support team behind any digital signage network in sports and entertainment venues, especially one as vast as the installation at the Broncos’ stadium. The fan experience is what brings people to a stadium to watch the game or performance, instead of sitting their comfortable home and watching on television. Having the network up and running at all times is a key component to ensuing that fans are getting the experience they expect and deserve. Having that 24/7 team behind our solutions is a guarantee that we stand by our services and that our customers will experience minimal downtime.


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