Ping HD Engages Fans at the New Orlando City Stadium

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The Orlando City Soccer Club has chosen Ping HD’s powerful EngagePHD™ digital signage software to drive the IPTV network at their new home, Orlando City Stadium.

The IPTV portion accounts for 147 commercial grade Samsung SSP (Smart Signage Platform) SoC (System on a Chip) displays which has everything needed to run the application embedded onto a single chip inside of the display.  This means no more external DMPs (Digital Media Players) which results in lower hardware costs, lower installation costs, less failure points, increased reliability, and greater flexibility. 

Each Samsung SSP display is connected to the Internet and EngagePHD™ is automatically downloaded.  To complete the solution, EngagePHD™ makes use of the Samsung SSP displays onboard ATSC/QAM tuner which means that all the available TV channels e.g. ESPN, Fox Soccer etc.,  along with a live raw game camera feed and scoreboard feed can be modulated over RF and appear as a channel number on the Samsung SSP displays.  From here the team at Orlando City Soccer Club creates custom layouts by logging into the EngagePHD™ website application, defining the size/position of where the Live TV feed will appear and then wrap the feed in an L-Bar style fashion with any marketing, sponsorship, information, or social media content.

The TV channel shown on each display used for IPTV can be changed remotely via EngagePHD™, so the team can reset any/all displays to any channel at the start of a game.  Functionality also exists to allow fans in a suite to change the TV channel via a unique QR code.  Once scanned the QR loads a touch friendly interface on the fans own mobile smart phone that shows a logo for each TV channel, touch the logo and the channel is changed without affecting the L-Bar wrap.    

Since each display is unique and has its own identity and IP Address, the content for each screen can be unique, grouped together in batches or be the same on all 147 displays.  Content can also be synchronized so a playlist of assets change at the same time on all the screens in the sync group.

The 47 Digital Menu Boards allow the Concessions operator, Spectra, to use Bypass Mobile for their POS (Point of Sale) System integrated with the EngagePHD™ software.  When making pricing changes in Bypass Mobile, the pricing on the Digital Menu Boards are reflective of those changes.

Whether a Digital Menu Board or an IPTV display, EngagePHD™ powerful monitoring tools allow the team to know exactly what content is being displayed on every single display with automated screenshots pulled directly into a Dashboard view. Some of the other great features include:

  • Automated e-mail alerts inform users if a screen has gone offline and failed to perform its scheduled system health check
  • Ability to turn all screens off/on from a mobile phone
  • Interrupt/Moment of exclusivity triggers
  • Proof of play reporting

Kevin Goldsmith, Chief Technology Officer at Ping HD, says:

“EngagePHD™ offers greater elasticity and a fresh approach to traditional IPTV solutions and can exist in a hybrid environment where modulated TV content and network based UDP (User Datagram Protocol) based IPTV streams exist. System on a Chip display technology has advanced so much that we are able to deliver as much flexibility within Samsung SSP Displays that you’d expect to get from a high-end external Windows based media player.”

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