Ping HD Introduces Enhanced Content Management Software: EngagePHDTM

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Denver, CO – (March 2, 2015) — Ping HD, a leading provider of digital signage solutions across industries, is pleased to announce the launch of EngagePHD™, the next generation of Digital Signage Software. The launch is with support for Samsung System on Chip (SoC) Smart Signage Platform (SSP) Displays, LG webOS Displays, Windows 7/8.1 Media Players and HTML5 ready IAdea Digital Signage Devices.

EngagePHD™ is an easy-to-use, web-based design, content management and network monitoring application. Built using the latest web technologies, this application works seamlessly with the intelligent displays manufactured by Samsung and their SSP platform along with LG and their webOS platform.

EngagePHD™ was developed to address growing needs for a low-cost, robust and scalable Digital Signage platform.

Having worked with leading sports, retail and hospitality brands, EngagePHD™ is experienced with delivering on key features required by its users. Highlights of EngagePHD™ offerings include:

  1. Ease of use: We’ve all experienced clunky, complicated software so it was important that EngagePHD™ would break the mold and be so intuitive that little or no training is required.
  2. Easy to set up: Receive a true, out-of-the-box experience with EngagePHD™.  Within minutes after following on-screen instructions, your Digital Signage network will be up and running.
  3. Updatable from mobile devices: Developed to be a responsive web application, the EngagePHD™ cloud-based user interface is as easy to use on your smart phone or tablet as it is your desktop or laptop.
  4. Digital Menu Boards made easy: With an integrated product database at the heart of the platform, EngagePHD™ is optimized for Digital Menu Boards.  Integration with Point-of-Sale (PoS) systems are available.
  5. Event Management: Those looking for Digital Room Signs and Wayfinding can take advantage of the integrated EngagePHD™ Events module, which can integrate with third-party room-booking applications.
  6. Drag & Drop Design:  An intuitive layout design utility allows content to be created quickly and easily with all of the required products, images, animation and customizable font styles.
  7. HTML5 Custom Widget Editor: Create your own widget or have Ping HD’s in-house content team create it for you.
  8. Player Management & Network Monitoring:  EngagePHD™ pulls real-time data from the Samsung SSP displays, providing confidence to its users that the displays are on and functioning as expected.  Email alerts are sent to administrators and auditing allows real-time screen captures that can be pulled from the Samsung displays for proof of play reporting.

Kevin Goldsmith, Director of Digital Media Operations at Ping HD, says:

It is exciting to have witnessed the evolution in technology from early VHS video players and CRT Televisions, to the intelligent displays revolution which will undoubtedly force the re-thinking of the much trusted external media player, while at the same time make owning a Digital Signage Network more affordable and reliable as ever.  After several months of live Beta testing with some existing customers, we are pleased to formally launch EngagePHD™ with the immediate deployment of over 600 intelligent displays installed across the Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago White Sox, San Francisco Giants and numerous Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR’s) throughout the United States.

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About Ping HD

Ping HD is a full service, end-to-end digital media company. Ping HD provides affordable, scalable, flexible, and innovative digital signage software solutions. We tailor our approach to meet your specific requirements and make the most of your investment. Ping HD digital signage solutions are tailored to meet the needs of the travel, hospitality, sports, QSR, retail, corporate and education industries.

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Ping HD
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2114 Market St., Denver, CO 80205

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