Ping HD announces IPingTV

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Ping HD announces IPingTV

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IPingTV is the IPTV/QAM hybrid delivered by Ping HD’s content management software EngagePHD™ which utilizes the latest Samsung Smart Signage Platform commercial displays. IPingTV has been designed to be a cost effective, stadium wide IPTV solution that makes use of both modulated RF and IP to deliver television services. Each screen can be wrapped with unique marketing content and also be able to display any TV channel that is available over the in-house feed.

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Key Features

  • All In One Solution: No need for any external media players or edge servers which significantly reduces the cost of the solution and reduces potential failure points for a more robust platform
  • Each Screen is IP Addressable: Run unique content on every screen or the same content on all screens or groups of screens.
  • Each Screen can run on its own TV Channel: Perfect for the suite environment to allow fans to pick their own TV channel while still seeing L-Bar style branding/marketing content.
  • Interrupts: Pause the content on all screens to show an instant replay/sponsorship message.
  • Impression Reporting: Looking to monetize your Digital Signage network? Proof of play reporting will prove sponsorship content has played back.
  • Social Media Integration: Easy to show Twitter content or other external content such as fantasy stats with custom HTML5 widgets.
  • Themes: Swap between team/event based themes from your laptop/desktop/smart phone within seconds to custom brand content for a different event e.g. from NHL to NBA to concert etc.
  • Global Screen Control: Turn all your displays off/on from your smart phone on demand. Pull back screen shots from specific or all displays.

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