NRG Stadium Installation

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In preparation for the Houston Texans season, and Superbowl LI, NRG Stadium has teamed up with Ping HD to install 388 digital menu boards in all of their major concession stands.

NRG Stadium partnered with Ping HD because if their robust, cloud-based digital signage platform and their state-of-the-art digital displays to enhance their fan experience. They needed a platform that would allow them to communicate dynamically with their fans, have real-time control over every screen and to allow them to scale their network to integrate with third party platforms.

Ping HD installed 388 digital displays throughout NRG Stadium. Each screen is set up with EngagePHD, Ping HD’s cloud-based, infinitely-scalable Digital Signage content management system. With this platform, they are able to control every screen from a single desktop, tablet or mobile device with an internet connection, giving NRG staff the ability to display relevant information, promotions, live game streaming and up-to-date menu options in real-time. Having relevant promotions and up-sells will likely result in increased revenue from from food and drink sales. The new network will also enhance the fan experience by decreasing perceived wait times at the concession stands offering content they can engage with.

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