Kansas City Starlight Theater Install

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Client Need — Digital Signage that Will Weather the Storm

Ping HD client, the Kansas City Starlight Theater, required a digital menu board solution that would operate in an outdoor environment and could also integrate with their current PoS system. The client wanted the ability to automatically align any price changes made inside their Appetize software with the digital menu board displays. As an outdoor amphitheater in Kansas City, the theater’s solution needed to be suitable for extreme weather conditions.

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Ping HD Solution — SiS + Samsung SSP SoC Displays

Working with SiS, we were able to integrate Samsung’s high-bright OM55D and OM46D semi-outdoor SSP SoC displays into a thermally managed outdoor enclosure. Use of these displays eliminated the need for external media players and therefore a potential failure point. EngagePHD™ has the ability to run directly on the displays which allows dynamic digital menu board layouts to be created by pulling product data from Appetize. Given the ad-hoc nature of events hosted at the Kansas City Starlight Theater, the food & beverage operator, Legends, have the ability to turn all screens off or on and check screen operating statuses from their mobile phones.


Results — Weatherproof + Cost Effective Digital Menu Boards

This Ping HD solution has simplified the management of digital menu board content, reduced labor costs, and time spent making content changes. With our cloud-based EngagePHD™ platform, the Kansas City Starlight Theater can now easily manage their digital menu board content from any location with internet access.

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“Streamline Integrated Solutions, the industries leading digital media integrator, is proud to partner with Ping HD by supplying our world class digital media products on this exciting new project.”

— Nick Lee, CEO, Streamline Integrated Solutions (SiS)

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“Appetize loves working with innovative partners and Ping HD was an easy choice in the digital signage space. Our solutions combine to create a live, integrated platform, which is something our current and future clients will see huge benefits from.”

— Doug Kugler, Director of Product, Appetize Technologies, Inc.


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