Increasing Impulse Purchases: Digital Signage in Retail Locations

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Everyone is familiar with aisle endcaps, the sample kiosks and the candy section in the checkout line at grocery stores. The grocery industry has it figured out! Every one of those items is strategically placed for maximum visibility to entice people to make an impulse purchase. By adding one extra item to their cart, customers’ average order values increase, and the store’s revenue increases.

The most engaging of those displays would be the sample kiosks. The samples allow people to engage with and experience the product without making a purchase. Higher engagement will most likely lead to an increase in purchases of that particular item.

Studies have shown that digital signage also fosters a higher engagement with products in retail locations.


Increasing Impulse Purchases


1 in 5 people make an unplanned purchase after seeing items featured on digital signage displays. That’s food for thought.

How much does one extra item in a single purchase increase revenue in your retail location?

A digital signage solution in a retail location increases the visibility and engagement your customers have with any given product. By having a medium to display dynamic media and show consumers what they can expect from the product, they are more likely to purchase.


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