How EngagePHD™ is Changing the Face of Digital Signage

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Ping HD launched EngagePHD™ in March of this year, and the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive.


EngagePHD™ is an infinitely scalable web based content management platform designed to enable users to quickly and easily manage their digital signage content on display anywhere in the world from any laptop, desktop, tablet, or smart phone.

Built using the latest HTML5 technologies, EngagePHD™ is a feature rich-lower cost solution that runs on the robust leading display hardware solutions led by Samsung (Smart Signage Platform) and LG (webOS for digital signage). EngagePHD™ drives the total cost of ownership of a digital signage network down by up to an astonishing 40%.

Already have a digital signage network? Not happy with your current Digital Signage software provider? EngagePHD™ is also available as a Windows application and is fully supported on Google Chrome OS. We have solutions for a wide variety of verticals.

Regardless of your requirements from one display on one site to thousands of displays on thousands of sites, EngagePHD™, provides the flexibility and pricing model you need to enable your Digital Signage network to deliver a strong return on your investment. To learn more about EngagePHD™ visit our website at:

Digital Menu Boards
EngagePHD™ offers a cohesive product database with integration to 3rd party point-of-sale (PoS) system that allows for real-time dynamic changes. Make use of the ‘Theme’ function and change menu styles and branding on demand or on a scheduled basis.

Digital Signage/Public information/Corporate Communication
Full scheduling, day-parting and impression reporting makes it easy to manage an Ad Screen network or simply displaying promotions, offers, and upcoming events.

Room Signage and Wayfinding
The integrated event management module allows events to be added quickly and easily. These interactive exhibits can be displayed on Room Signs and then updated on wayfinding displays.

EngagePHD™ offers a convenient drag and drop layout design making it easy to provide live TV wrapped in digital media content, news feeds, weather, social media, transportation, departure and arrivals, promotions, and so much more.

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