How Digital Signage Can Help Flatten The Coronavirus Curve

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While we’re all settling down in our remote workplace this week, the reality of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is slowly starting to settle in. For many of us, It’s hard to comprehend how what seemed like a simple virus can bring our modern world to a standstill.

As the Center for Disease Control and World Health Organization works tirelessly to develop a vaccine for the disease, health experts have been clear on what we must do to help flatten the pandemics curve. We’ve heard it over and over like a broken record, social distance, and practice good personal hygiene. But, when the average person touches so many possible contaminated surfaces every hour, how do we reiterate the importance of changing these habits?

Awareness and Education

Repetition is the key to success. Although it seems like common sense, a constant reminder will help further drive the point. City, state, and federal governments have begun posting static flyers reminding the public what they need to do to both protect themselves and stop the spread. But, because this situation changes so frequently, officials are finding it challenging to keep these materials up-to-date. 

 How Digital Signage Plays a Role

Those of us in the digital signage industry, have a unique opportunity to help make a difference.

Today, millions of digital signage screens grace the lobbies of public spaces all over the world; many are powered by cloud-based content management systems, allowing content publishers to push content from anywhere in real-time. This multitude of cloud-based screens in the public arena has allowed digital signage to become a real-time delivery platform similar to television, radio, and the web. 

The software behind many of these displays allows content publishers the flexibility to target messaging to any location or geographical region. 

As managers of our digital signage networks, we have the power to push relevant, accurate, and updated messaging in real-time. This information can help educate the general public on what they need to do to protect themselves today. 

If you manage a digital signage network, Ping HD has developed a handful of free Coronavirus (COVID-19) digital signage templates that will help you instantly spread the word. Together we can help slow down the Coronavirus pandemic. Download them here

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