Healthcare Facilities and Communication: The Need For Digital Signage

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Healthcare facilities benefit greatly from employing digital signage solutions. Digital displays provide an easily customizable and dynamic method of communication and visitor interaction. Boulder Community Health is an example of a healthcare facility that has benefitted from a digital communication solution.

Boulder Community Health was looking for ways to update their patients on important information while in their facility. The health center was looking for a digital signage solution that was easy to use, quick to update, provided users with an interactive experience and could be controlled from one location without being on site.

The Solution
We installed a solution comprised of 4 – 55” Samsung SSP displays in waiting rooms and 2 – 42” Touch Screens that visitors can interact with. Each display has been installed with our award-winning, cloud-delivered content management system, EngagePHD™, for easy control over each display from one, remote location.

The Samsung SSP displays are being used as reader boards, displaying important information patients need to be aware of while they are in the facility. The Elo Touch Screens are installed just outside the gift shop, in a high-traffic area, so that people can interact with the display and browse for information that is most important to them.

Our solutions have allowed for a better flow of information, easy navigation for visitors and a decreasing need for printed materials to convey the same messaging, which saves on printing costs. With EngagePHD™, the healthcare center can design content and control each screen from a single device with an internet connection.


Other Healthcare Applications:

Digital Menu Boards
Digital Menu Boards are perfect for commissaries, cafes and snack vendors. Easily post dynamic advertisements and keep lines moving quickly to decrease wait times for customers.

Digital Video Walls
Add some visual excitement to your facility. Digital video walls are a great to add to the ambiance of a location. Show live television, digital art designs or calming landscapes.

Digital Wayfinding
Asking directions is a thing of the past. With digital wayfinding signs, customers can see the full layout of any building and navigate with ease.

IPTV allows live video feeds to be broadcast on any screen.

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