EngagePHD™ Provides Application Support On Panasonic AF1 Series SoC Displays

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We are pleased to report that EngagePHD™ is now supported on Panasonic’s new AF1 Series range of commercial displays.  The AF1 series is a System on a Chip based commercial display that runs Android.  The EngagePHD™ Android Application has been modified to support Panasonic’s OpenPort Platform to enable the full hardware control functionality offered by EngagePHD including:

  • Real-time Player Dashboard
  • On/Off Screen Control
  • Remote Display Reboot
  • On-demand Screenshot Capture

Regardless of your Digital Signage requirements,EngagePHD™ has been developed to make managing Digital Menu Boards, Wayfinding, Ad Screen Network, Room Signage, Public Information, Video Walls and IPTV Networks easy.

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