Case Study: Creating a digital signage experience in the sports locker room.

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The University of Texas Athletic Department recently unveiled their renovation of the Texas Longhorns Football Locker Room at Royal Memorial Stadium.

Ping HD was proud to be chosen alongside Samsung to drive the digital signage software experience with our award winning, cloud-based platform EngagePHD™.

Client Need:
Division 1 college football is a very competitive and elite sport — so much so that the very best student athletes are often scouted by the NFL. To attract the top-tier athletes that the University of Texas would like to acquire for their program, they need to elevate their facilities on all fronts.

Ping HD Solution:
To enhance the athlete experience, Ping HD implemented 120 43-inch Samsung SSP Tizen screens above every players’ locker stall. The screens, powered by EngagePHD™, streamed content specific to each student athlete, including a sharp professional headshot, jersey number, high school and hometown. The result was an elevated college locker room with the aspirational ambiance of an NFL athletic facility.

Additionally, the Texas Longhorns staff managing the digital signage solution is equipped with the flexibility to control displays in real-time from any physical location with an internet connection. Staff is empowered to make changes to a single display, a group of displays, or all of the displays in bulk quickly and easily with the EngagePHD™ software.

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