Digital Signage for Retail Locations

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If you could implement an advertising method that would yield a high return on investment, engage your customers with the brand and increase revenue, would you think twice about implementing it?


Today’s consumers want information and they want it now! Static signage is no longer meeting the needs and expectations of retail customers. As technology evolves, so are advertising and marketing methods. People are incredibly thirsty for information, but they also want to be engaged with brand. If your customer isn’t engaged, your messaging is lost. With mobile phones, tablets, televisions and laptops, attention spans are decreasing and more visual, dynamic media is needed to attract their attention and keep them focused.


A digital signage solution is one of the best investments a retail location can make. Not only are they affordable, but studies have shown that retail locations with digital signage displays have shown an increase in revenue after installation. And with the new beacon technology integration opportunities, targeted marketing will be possible through mobile phone applications. Show your customers what they want, when they want it!


With EngagePHD™, Ping HD’s cloud-based content management system, you have the ability to change any, or all, of your digital displays from a single device that is connected to the internet. The ability to deliver dynamic media in real time eliminates the need for static signage, decreasing the amount of money spent on print advertising and increasing your return on investment.


Digital Signage for Retail Locations


Are you thinking twice about implementing a digital signage solution?


Contact us to learn more about digital signage in the retail space.

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