Buffalo’s Airport Digital Signage

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Airports have discovered that the traditional way of traveling — calling an airline to book a ticket; checking in at the terminal, security point and gate and referring to an analog-style flight board — can be improved greatly by the use of digital signage and kiosks. Digital signage is emerging as a way of enhancing the travel experience from the customer’s point of view, while making the process easier for airport and airline employees.

When people consider airport digital signage, they immediately think about arrival boards and alert systems, although they may not be the most effective use of digital signage in that setting. Ping HD jumped into the challenge to build a digital video wall that can be used for messages with passengers, advertising or calls to action at Buffalo Niagara International Airport. Ping HD’s digital signage at the airport gets the needed attention, and from an advertising standpoint, it provides huge advantages for reaching customers.

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