Digital Signage Can Elevate your Retail Business

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Digital Signage Deliver Dynamic Results in the Retail Industry

Once upon a time, digital signage in the retail space signified an upscale retailer with a lot of money to invest into their digital signage efforts. Today nothing can be further from the truth.

Digital signage is scalable to your business, offers user friendly interfaces to help build digital brand equity and alignment, and most importantly

it’s affordable no matter what size business you have.

Digital signage efforts in the retail environment are crucial for several key reasons. In-store digital networks are the fastest growing segment of digital signage in the retail environment. It has unlimited potential to impact shopping behavior creative revenue on your network by co-branding ad space to your vendors and partners. Advertising on digital signage enables customer centric content that creates an emotional bond between your customers and your brand.

Readers boards a great enhancement to any retail digital signage expansion. You can install teaser boards throughout your facility to promote upcoming events,  relay important targeted messages, allow your customers to check into their favorite social network, and encourage impulse buys. Reader boards are also diverse in that they can be free standing in high traffic areas or mounted to a wall or ceiling grid where there is limited space.

Another great digital enhancement are our wayfinding solutions. Our digital wayfinding solutions enhance customer experience by directing them to their desired location. Install these wayfinding signs at the entrance of your retail location or in high traffic areas. Have you ever lost a sale because your customer couldn’t find what they were looking for, and your team was busy with other customers? Well prevent abandonment with digital wayfinding; point your customer in the right direction, boost customer experience, and drive sales.

With Ping HD’s easy to use software you can partition your screen to unveil multiple windows displaying various content including: advertisements, specials, social media integration, or a variety of video feeds including IPTV.

Ready to take your retail digital signage to the next level? Contact us today for a free trial version of our revolutionary digital signage software EngagePHD™ and become part of the digital signage revolution.

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Digital Wayfinding

Digital Reader boards
Digital Reader boards


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