Advertising Features by Ping HD

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EngagePHD™ offers a wide range of features to better optimize your digital signage. One of the most effective advertising strategies is through a visually stimulating  component, and Ping HD can provide the resources to improve your advertising.

Digital signage advertising is a modern and engaging attribute to improve your business. Digital signage displays are significant assets that can advertise up-sells, cross-sells, and special offers. Ping HD’s software can allow you to reach multi-demographic audiences all while having complete control over how the material appears, when it appears, and to whom it appears. EngagePHD™ offers flexibility to change any content or promotions on the fly giving you the assurance to manage and preview your advertising quickly and securely.

One of the most rewarding aspects of digital signage advertising through EngagePHD™ is that you can reduce costs and increase revenue. Print ads are a thing of the past and often overlooked; with digital signage advertising you can create appealing advertisements through video and animation. Our advertising features can help increase your revenue with EngagePHD™ digital advertising by selling your ad space to third parties.

Depending on your business needs, Ping HD offers a solution through the EngagePHD™ software to manage, connect, and showcase your digital advertising.

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