Advantages of Digital Signage Advertising

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Advantages of digital signage versus static displays

  • Ability to change content with a few keystrokes
  • Vary the type of content
  • Support multiple advertisers or programs
  • The ability to now provide dayparting also is significant. A single digital display can run coffee ads in the morning, food ads mid-day and beer ads in the evening to pique interest based on the time of day.

The initial cost will be understandably higher for these digital displays than for their static forebears. However, the impact and versatility of these dynamic, eye-catching large-format displays have proven to provide the needed ROI to more than make up for the difference.

As these displays are being deployed more and more outdoors, there are several new factors that must be considered. An outdoor digital LCD display is more expensive than a traditional, static display, and more expensive than indoor digital displays because of the more complex heating and cooling systems and the different backlighting systems. However, digital signage gives a deployer more options than traditional static advertising, allowing the deployer to see an increased profit.

On a static ad box, only one message can be displayed at a time, and only one client can be accommodated. With the flexibility a digital display offers, the owner can take several different advertisers and sell them 10-second spots on the billboard, meaning more money can be made. Advertisers can be charged more for placement on a digital display as opposed to a static advertisement.

You can charge higher rates because a digital sign can do so much more making a fast turnaround on your investment.

In fact, investing in high-quality digital displays, while initially more expensive, can ultimately save a company money. Having the right technology components ensures a longer life cycle and lower cost to maintain and run the digital signage system, while the high-quality signage is more attractive to advertisers, increasing sales.

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