Industry Remarks

Digital Signage is part of the whole. The whole involves our social lives. How a consumer shares, adopts and promotes a brand is based on the experience each consumer has with that brand. Retailers in particular are still looking for ways to enhance the experience for their customers. What better way to drive more sales by providing a social platform that can help drive sales?

Keith Kelsen, Author, Digital Signage Consultant

Retail/QSR Products

In-store digital network is the fastest growing segment of digital signage in the retail environment. It has unlimited potential to impact shopping behavior, for instance, creating revenue on your network by co-branding ad space to your vendors and partners.

Advertising enables extremely customer centric content that creates an emotional bond between customers and your store or brand. 

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Make your products or location stand out!

Engage your patrons while cross selling, upselling and increasing your item dollars per transaction. With a product as appealing as food, use captivating video, appetite appeal photography, movement and highlight specials, seasonal and regional promotions.  With Ping HD Digital Menu Boards you can add, change or drop items in a flash. Address inventory changes, stock over runs and local content needs in real time. 

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Enhance the audience experience by directing them to their desired location quickly and easily. Set these up at your entrance or in high traffic areas to keep your customers informed and moving smoothly through the space. With Ping HD's easy-to-use software you can partition your screen to unveil multiple windows displaying various content including advertisements, specials, social media interaction or a variety of video feeds including IPTV. 

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Install Ping HD reader boards throughout your facility to promote upcoming events, relay important targeted messages, allow your customers to check into their favorite social network and encourage impulse buys at the gift ship or register. Our reader boards can be free standing in high traffic areas or mounted to a wall or ceiling grid where there is limited space. 

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Add a live television feed to any of our products with a simple easy to use IPTV Ping HD provided encoder. This turns live TV into a media asset that you can then push to all the products on your network. Bring your customers the type of content they would enjoy at home to increase the overall shopper branding experience. 

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Want to stand out in a crowded retail space?

Ping HD's video wall lets you inform as well as entertain your customers. A video wall is a great way to catch customer's eye as well as increase the shopper brand experience. From 6 to 36 screens with great flexibility, these allow a modern youthful way to drive home your brand or product messages and enhance the patron brand experience in the store. 

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From reducing the time spent waiting in lines, to informative and entertaining interaction, touchscreens / kiosks allow the customer more freedom and flexibility. These are a great way to allow patrons to place orders in a single department without the "pick a number and wait experience". This releases them from the long wait to keep shopping while their order is being prepared. Also a great way to provide a dynamic and engaging platform to educate, entertain and inform patrons and staff. They are available in numerous sizes and formats including, free standing, kiosk, and countertop point-of- sale. 

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